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No you don’t understand … The Weeping Angel was still there. The Doctor crumpled and fell apart and put his face in his hands because he was devastated over losing Amy and Rory. But obviously he stayed there. The Weeping Angel didn’t touch him. And then I realized …

River. River kept staring at the Weeping Angel to let the Doctor have his moment of grief. River just lost her parents and she still managed to hold herself together to make sure that the Doctor was safe.


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Pushing Daisies AU: After Ned’s power is discovered, he is caught, taken away, and experimented on [based on]

Ever since I was a kid, I’d have this dream where somebody would find out what I could do. It starts off with lots of ice cream and balloons and ends with a small white room where little bits are cut out of me until there’s nothing left to cut.

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a good response to the question “how old are you?” is something along the lines of “dunno i stopped counting after the first few centuries”

and it needs to be said seriously without smiling or humor or as casually as possible and followed by “so anyway” and a subject change as if it’s completely normal

"The sound of your voice, painted on my memories,
Even if you’re not with me, I’m with you.”

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Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself.

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Sherlock taught John how to dance. Sherlock loves dancing. Sherlock loves John. Imagine how happy he was.


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This ones waited long enough…

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When Teachers have the last laugh

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